maandag 30 augustus 2010

Drive-In Barn

Last sunday I made a appointment at my brothers place to set of for
"Rocking at the drive in Barn".
It was the first time I took the Triumph out.
So he followed by car, just in case.
It was a great day and a nice drive.
And the trumpet drove like a rocket.

Me on the way there

Oval power

Mighty Sam's awesome ride

Gill, Pascal, Blaise & Keith

zondag 29 augustus 2010

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010


I am very proud to present to al ya gearheads my baby girl Nico.

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

The Trumpet

Did some preparation work for the new looks of the Triumph.
Dropt by my local metal supplier this morning and picked up some heavy metal bars and some tube to create my own studs and handlebars.
And I must say I am really pleased with the result.

Cut 2 peaces of 27 cm out of thick metal bar of 2 by 3 cm to replace the back spring.
This should drop the bike by 8 cm or ±3 inch

And then jus grind and grind.

This is a attempt for a sample for some handlebars.
I made a cad drawing as pattern.
This way it was a bit easier to cut the tube the right angle.

Some welds down. And I must admit that the result was even more pleasing
than the way it looked on paper.
I decided to go all the way

The finished result. More than jus a sample.
These will end up on the bike.
Check back soon for how they look in action.

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

New Toy

Today I drove to Oostkamp, close to Brugges to pick up my new toy,
It's a 1977 Triumph Bonneville T140.
It fitted perfectly in the trunk of my caddy MK1 Pick-up.
Too cool to be thru.

Not looking to bad the way it is now.
But with some miner changes, hope to get it looking more like a chopper
instead of a cafe-racer.

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Stolen Panel

This 62' Panel got stolen in Weilerswist (not too far from Cologne and Bonn)
close to the A61 in Germany last night!
More info @ Steinis.
Please spread the word and contact if you hear or see anything!

maandag 2 augustus 2010


With the Panel back on his wheels, I finally had some time to mess out my workshop and seriously clean the place.

zondag 1 augustus 2010

What's On


Eat Dust

My brother and Rob started out their own
clothing label "Eat Dust".

Check out this interview on THE REFERENCE COUNCIL.