woensdag 28 juli 2010

maandag 26 juli 2010

Cruise Mania

One of those weekends where all was happening at the same time.
I left from Spa on Sunday morning early to drive back to Antwerpen and join my brother, Rob & Jean for a trip to Moerzeke for the 6th edition of cruse mania.
A small meeting, but always a great atmosphere and a nice mixture of cars, bikes, scooters and beach cruisers combined with some live bands.

Nice looking early shovel

Sam's very cool Ironhead

Pascal & Rob, it was hard not to look at this one.

Bug Show

Worked hard last week to get the replacement engine I got from my friends from The Garaasj up and running.
Unfortunately, the engine started pissing oil between the engine and the transmission. So, a broken crankshaft bearing. That meant, the bus back in the garage. And of I went with my new toy and daily drive, a Caddy Mk1. I arrived around 20h at the campsite where my friend Rouge gad saved a spot for me.
Bug Show is a massive VW air-cooled event. Held on the track of Spa-Francauchamps.
Always great fun.

Bits and peasses

Very cool Porsche

Rust is not a crime

On the track

My friend Rouge

zondag 18 juli 2010

Antwerp Vintage Reunion

A great saturday afternoon.
Nice weather, and the meeting was held at a nice location, between the old walls of Fort 2 in Wommelgem-Antwerp.
I arrived later that evening when the event was on his end.
But just on time to catch up with some friends and enjoy a few beers.

Pascal's Shovel

My brother's Shovel

Sweet little Honda in proces


Serge's new Toy

I always love the looks of a flathead

Keith: Oh, I want one

Tom, Gene & Angelo


Aline, Tiny and Tiny

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Wrench Night

Every wednesday night my brother is holding a wrench night at his place.
For most this is a cheap excuse to hang out and have some beers talking gearhead.
Like for the last 2 weeks it was mostly Gill the only one working.
This week he changed his seat of the sportster.

Keith welding on the new seat bracket on Gill's Sporty

maandag 12 juli 2010

Euro Lambretta

It has been super busy at work lately, so I have not been able to post something on my blog for a while.
A few weeks back I was over in Gijon(Spain) for a show. And by pure luck the Euro Lambretta was held at the exact same venue on the exact same weekend as we where playing there with one of our productions.
So I got the chance to meet up with some friends.
Unfortunately, the weather gods where not with us. But it has been pissing down the whole weekend. And when I say pissing down, I mean pissing down.
So for a lot of them it ruined the weekend and most of my pals left on saturday morning.