dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Drive-In Barn

I still made it to drop by at the Drive-in Barn on Sunday
Here are a few pictures from the car's on site.

Otto Bros. are really into the Volkswagen nostalgia drag racing.
Check out these Split Screen Pick-up they made to transport there mosquito racer.
All pinstriping is done by our pall "El Cheapo"

A very cool emblem, made by jewelry designer Joske on Mighty Sam's Buick

maandag 17 augustus 2009

VAG-Fest 2009

Just back from VAG-Fest.
Went together with the guys from "De Garaasj".
A great weekend and some nice car's.
Good fun.

Very nice looking Karmangia Low-Light

"Insane Zombies" went all the way on this Notch
Check out the interior.

Some serious panel work was done on this Beetle Pick-Up

Some clean looking water-cooled ones

donderdag 13 augustus 2009


Yesterday I finaly took some time to take out the engine of my Split Bus.
It broke down about a year ago, and is seems like the engine is broken for good.

Ready to take it out

Time to see what went wrong

The crank of piston 1 twisted and broke .
And took out a part of the cylinder and the engine casing.
The engine casing is ripped on 3 other spots.




Newest project

A fixed gear bike. Build around a old Diamant frame.


Home made Scooter from scrap

About a year ago this one got stolen from me.
The police found it back but slightly damaged.

My Ride

My '65 Split Screen Panel-Van

woensdag 12 augustus 2009


Hi all,

I finally made it to set-up one of these.
Check back in the near future for some more updates on what been going in my world.

Enjoy it

Sailor Ken