woensdag 11 mei 2011


The first plan of Rob, Gilles and my brother was to actually ride all the way down to Hossegor for the Brizkrieg gathering.
Time got precious, and bikes where far from finished. So the idea was to put our 4 the bikes in a van and drive with the 4 of u to Seignosse.
But with only one real running bike, the one of Gilles, on wednesday evening, we canceled our plans.
As I already had booked my plane ticket over there, so I still left for the Blitzkrieg annual.
I met with Jelle and some of the girls.
Unfortunately the the weather was not with us. And only a small amount of bikes showed up at the gathering.
I still had a great time with friends and really enjoyed the tunes of Christian's band, VOXON, whom I was happy to see preform live.

Christian's sweet SX

Awesome looking knuckle



The girls checking the water temerature

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